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Renaissance Firearms

Renaissance Firearms is a firearms and accessories retailer on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Over the past several years, Big Hit Media has helped Renaissance grow dramatically through marketing and sales strategies, brand development and a massive presence on Facebook.

When the shop tragically suffered fire-related damage that forced a move in mid-2016, Big Hit Media was there to provide crisis media management that kept customers informed during the transition to a newer, much larger retail location.

Today, Renaissance Firearms is among the highest-regarded gun shops in the area and has grown tremendously. Weekly Facebook and YouTube video posts entertain and inform customers of upcoming sales, special promotions and reviews on gear. Big Hit has been an integral part of helping Renaissance achieve the founder's vision of being 'the most customer-focused gun shop'.

Full-service marketing
Business consulting
Website design and development
Mobile app development
Brochure design
Corporate Video
Facility and product photography
Hosting and Support